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omg hydration solution with electrolytes

OMG! 2-Minute Hydration
The Fastest Hydration
Drink Ever.

omg hydration drink for athlete

Bacarri Rambo, Former NFL Safety
UGA | Buffalo Bills | Miami Dolphins

Science-driven solutions,
less hype, better results!



ElectraCell™ is our patent pending cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes hydration by speeding up the absorption of electrolytes and BCAAs. Fast and effective hydration can start in just 2 minutes, and total body hydration in 10 - 15 minutes. 

omg hydration multiplier with electrolytes
omg sport hydration drink for atlhete


OMG! 2-Minute Hydration is the new game changer in the world of hydration. Our unique formula uses rice protein as a carrier of electrolytes and amino acids, making it the fastest and most effective hydration product on the market.

The Future Of Hydration Is Here.

OMG Hydration Powder
hydration optimizer faster then water

Zero Sugar.

Zero BS.

Our Hydration Formula Powder

OMG! Speaks For Itself.

"As someone who has struggled with injuries, I've seen a huge difference in my day to day recovery with OMG! My arm and body feel 10x better since adding OMG! into my daily routine."

— Taylor Guerrieri, MLB Pitcher

"I was very impressed at how fast OMG! Hydration worked the first time I used it! It's the ideal hydration product for me when I need to get hydrated and fueled during my workouts, work day, or when traveling."


— Marnus Esparaza, PGA Tour Physical Therapist

"OMG! makes my daily hydration easy! On the course, off the course, OMG! gives me the immediate hydration I need to perform my best."

— Claude Harmon III, Swing Coach for Golf Pro Dustin Johnson

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