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Hungover?We got you.

Beat the Morning-After Blues with OMG!

Waking up to a hangover can feel like a cloudy day, but with OMG! 2-Minute Hydration, you can find your sunshine again. Our unique hydration formula, packed with essential electrolytes and amino acids, is your secret weapon against dehydration, the main villain behind those pesky hangover symptoms. Say goodbye to headaches and grogginess and hello to a brighter, more refreshed you!

Dehydration is the hangover's best friend. It causes symptoms like pounding headaches, fatigue, and that all-too-familiar dry mouth. When you indulge a bit too much, your body loses fluids and essential nutrients. That's where OMG! steps in - our hydration multipliers are designed to replenish and rehydrate, helping your body bounce back and recover more quickly.

Understanding Hangover Dehydration


Rapid Relief with ElectraCell™ Technology

Our ElectraCell™ technology is the heart of OMG! hydration packets. This groundbreaking system ensures that your body absorbs hydration faster and more effectively than traditional methods. It's like having a secret weapon against hangovers, providing rapid relief and helping you return to your best self quicker.

Simple Steps for Effective Recovery

Using OMG! for hangover relief is easy: Mix one stick pack with 14-20 ounces of water, depending on your taste preference. For a sweeter drink, use less water; for a milder taste, more. Drink it first thing in the morning or even before bed after a night out. It’s that simple to put hangovers in the rearview mirror!


"After a night out, OMG is my go-to. It works wonders and gets me back on my feet in no time. "


R. Ruiz

Miami, FL

"I was skeptical, but OMG! really does the trick for hangovers. It's my new morning-after hero."


M. Nunez

Atlanta, GA

"I felt like I was dying, and OMG  brought me back to life LOL. This stuff worked the first time I used it."


R. Boose

Boca Raton, FL

"My friends and I always keep a stash of OMG!  They've become a part of our party routine for bouncing back the next day!" 

S. Tobias


"I never believed in hangover cures until I tried OMG! This stuff is like magic."


C. Poole

Boston, MA

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