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Our Story and Dedication to Hydration Wellness

Hi there 👋

We are the co-founders of OMG 2-Minute Hydration and we are passionate about helping people feel better. We made it our mission to create a solution that makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of total body hydration without drinking a gallon of water a day.

We are a group of friends and professionals that believe hydration is the key to living a better life. We have spent years researching, testing and perfecting this amazing product while using it every day as we continue to strive for perfection. Our bodies are designed to prevent, restore, and recover - IF we give it what it needs. We were amazed to learn how proper body hydration can change everything! We have experience the benefits of total body hydration first hand and felt the calling to share OMG with the world.

OMGHydration powder added to waterbottle with fruits
Hydration electrolytes
Hydration electrolytes

Patent Pending Tech 🧪 

We found the quickest delivery solution to get electrolytes and amino acids into your cells and organs faster than any other rehydration product currently on the market.


OMG! is powered by ElectraCell™, a patent-pending absorption technology that allows for fast hydration in just 2 minutes, with total body hydration reached in 10 to 15 minutes. The product contains all the essential electrolytes and amino acids, is zero sugar, low sodium, vegan, and gluten-free, and is safe for people of all ages.

Hydration electrolytes

Hydrating The World With Love

Hydration electrolytes


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