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Milan Geis isn't just a motorcycle enthusiast; he’s a motorcycle lifestyle embodiment. With wheels spinning since childhood, Milan not only rides but lives the two-wheeled lifestyle. With a journey stretching across Europe and the diverse landscapes of the United States, he's best recognized for his adventures astride Ducati motorcycles.


Celebrating a decade-long romance with Ducati, Milan's allegiance to the brand mirrors his dedication to authenticity and quality. This loyalty naturally spills over into his professional partnerships, making him a sought-after figure among leading industry names. He’s proudly collaborated with Shark Helmets, Pirelli Tires, and Stein Dinse. Furthermore, his work with Ducati retailers extends from the heart of Europe at Ducati Amsterdam with Ducati Benelux to the sunny shores of the USA at Ducati New Port Beach.


This professional social media motorcycle influencer and journalist isn’t limited to one corner of the globe. With a linguistic prowess that boasts fluency in French and English, he's also delving into the realms of Spanish and Dutch. 


For the past 8 years, Milan has been documenting his motorcycle-driven lifestyle, fervently fueled by a passion that's become an inspiration for many. It’s not just about the ride; it’s the bond with his audience, the shared dreams, and the mutual love for the roar of an engine.


As an OMG! 2-Minute Hydration aficionado, Milan believes in optimizing his hydration on and off the road. Whether it’s about catching the next horizon on his Ducati, imparting his motorcycle wisdom, or ensuring peak hydration levels, Milan Geis continues to inspire, ride, and thrive.

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"My favorite flavor is Mixed Berry! 

I add a European twist and add

OMG to sparkling water!" - Milan

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DucatiBiker Jumping a Ducati Mountain Bike

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"I like drinking it before I ride. OMG ensures my mind stays alert and focused. My body stays hydrated and I don't get any muscle cramps." - Milan


DucatiBiker with Ducati Mountain Bike

"Whenever I have a limited water supply, OMG manages to power it up and keep me super hydrated." - Milan

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